First of all, I want to thank for giving me appointment for surgery in a short time of communication. Overall experience with pre, during and post-surgery was great. I am happy that the clinic and professionalism of Dr. Vinay’s hair transplant clinic meets my expectation.I would definitely update my positive feedback on hair restoration website.


For one, who is drowning in the sea, a twig or branch is a big boon. If he was to get a boat with oars, then it is a miracle. I am one such person who has experienced this miracle.Many doctors whom I consulted flatly told me that doing a mere 1000 grafts was almost close to impossible, I was really disappointed. But God willing, I saw Dr. Vinay’s webpage online.

Mayank Kumar

After my hair surgery the growing process happened just as Dr. Vinay said it would. Over all I am satisfied with the result that is why I am back for a second surgery to finish the crown.I am at the apex of confidence and happiness after being treated by Dr. Vinay. Not only has he transplanted almost 2500 grafts, he has also told me a second procedure can be done


I learnt of Dr. Vinay’s center through internet search and originally came to India for my sister wedding. However upon talking to Dr.Vinay I was convinced that I could get this done rather quickly. Now post-transplant I have already got a strong feeling that I made the right decision. Dr. Vinay is very understanding and listens to your suggestions and is open for your opinion on your hair line. Dr.Vinay and team have mastered this art as well.

Parvez Ahmad

I have come here with a hope of regaining my natural hair. When I came here I have lost most of hair. But after Hair Transplantation I was very happy and very satisfied with my hair growth. I have almost regained my hair and the natural look. I would sincerely like to thank Dr. Vinay.


Dr. Vinay’s Hair Transplant Centre is the best place to do hair transplantation. The price is cheaper than any other countries but the quality is best. The employees are very very helpful and very friendly, if anyone wants to come from overseas they organise everything. The most important thing is these people are not after money, they are after quality of their job and they are doing excellent to make their patients smile and give them a new hairfull life./p> Venkat

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