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Advance Hair Transpnatat

The Advanced Hair Transplant (AHT), procedure provides excellent results and client satisfaction. For hair restoration,we believe in providing maximum hairs possible in a session ,depending on the density of the donor area. Our team of trained surgeons and assistants work towards ensuring best results in the shortest operative time.

Our Expertise helps survival rates of the hair follicles plus extended hours of surgery puts lot of strain on the client both physical and mental. Our procedure is considered to be one of the best treatments in the world for hair restoration. We provide comprehensive postoperative care and follow up. The whole procedure is further boosted with biostimulation lasers(sunlight lasers), supplements and medications for natural hairs, to give a head full of hairs

I have got my hair transplanted on 24th July 2010. I have had a very good post- operative experience. In the initial 4 months there was not much growth but I waited patiently for the hair growth and after 4th month the hair started growth in the transplanted area. I have seen the maximum growth in the time between 4-10 months. Now I am very much satisfied with the results I have seen. I would love to suggest Dr. Vinay’s clinic for my friends and family. Thank you very much Dr.Vinay.

Sankar tambe (Mumbai)