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Hair loss Specialist

It is a method in which hair roots are transferred from the donor area (where the roots are resistant to the DHT hormone,) to the recipient area
Traditionally there are two methods FUT or follicular unit transplant and FUE...or follicular unit extraction
The most common condition in which hair transplantation is done is male pattern baldness or androgenetic alopecia
We do the advanced FUE technique of hair transplantation by shaving,non shave and strip shaving method
On an average a four finger area can be covered

Hair Loss

In one session we cover a four finger area with on an average 2500-3000 hairs
The overall scalp has a density varying from 120,000 to 140,000 hairs
as before any surgery we do the basic and advanced tests depending on the medical condition of the client plus viral markers
Our usp is Dense hairs, Optimum operating hours and maximum hairs in a session.

Hair loss treatment

It is done under local anesthesia ,hence the initial few injections would be felt after that pain is not a concern both for extraction and implantation
The donor area is visibly intact ,and the extracted roots don’t grow back.but since the number of roots extracted are one fifth or one out of five the density looks similar to what it was before the procedure.
The transplanted hairs normally shed in a month's time and then start growing after three months of the procedure .appreciable results are seen in a 9-12 month.
Normally you can resume work from second day but you need to spray saline frequently on the recipient area. if not possible in office take off for 3-4 days and do the spraying, there is no need for bedrest.
In the non shave technique the scalp is not shaved completely ,we extract the roots from the donor area by operating between hairs.
The look that you have without shaving is maintained hence your appearance does not change in public.