Non-shave hair transplant(NSHT)

Non-shave hair transplant(NSHT)

When to have transplantation

In the non shave technique ,we do the extraction of hairs without shaving the donor area. so that your overall look is maintained and you can carry on with your daily meetings and social is a refined process.excellent for small area transplants

As we know Hair Transplant procedures consist of several steps one of the step is shaving process therefore before obtaining all grafts donor area must shave grade 1mm which is inevitable for shaving FUE method. Some people are uncomfortable or have different issues due to full shave therefore they delayed their hair transplantation progress but with using fine implanter technique you don't need to shave your recipient area because the size of implanter tips are from 0,6 mm to 0,8mm therefore with fine implanter technique grafts can be placed,between native hair without causing damage.

This method perform same as women hair transplantation

Note: Non-shave process is not applicable If patient needs to have mega session like 4000-5000 grafts.


fine Implanter Technique which we advanced , grafts placed between native hair without causing damage to native hairs because implanter tip , has small size of needle. (Size of needle is from 0,6mm to 0,8mm)

I say thanks to you all from the first moment, I entered the clinic, I felt welcome into a family atmosphere. The day before the surgery I was informed the best and also during the Hair Transplantation it was a relaxed situation.”

Amar Nath (Mumbai)